Holistic Company Concept


In these hectic times of world turbulence many changes are taking place.

This means that companies, (private) institutions of education and private persons will have to adapt their strategies to maintain or develop competitive advantages to keep ahead of competition.

This involves a change in attitude to what we are doing and the way we look at things.

So far our education has been primarily focused on specific skills or knowledge, thereby excluding all other fields of knowledge, directly or indirectly, connected with the specific study.

I believe that one hand should be aware what the other hand is doing.

This does not have to be in-depth knowledge of what others in the same company are doing, but they should at least be aware of the difficulties other departments have in relation to your (our) department and vice-versa.

Marketing people must understand the difficulties faced by (these) other departments and disciplines such as Purchasing, Production, Human Resource Management and Financial Administration.

A simplified example:

A marketing manager sees possibilities in a new or growing market. To meet with the increased demand, production has to be accelerated. For that purpose a new production machine is needed.

That marketing manager should be able to convince the financial manager of his/her intentions on the basis of hard figures, e.g. capital required, discounted cash flow or payback period, etc. Projected sales figures have to be submitted to the production manager so that he/she can select the right machine with the right capacity.

He/she should also be able to communicate with the HRM manager about hiring professional staff for that particular machine, and last but not least, with the purchasing manager for the best options for raw materials.

Only on the basis of  this whole communication process he/she should be able to come up with a sound investment plan to his/her board of directors.

Ask anybody inside or outside a company: What is a marketing manager’s job?

The answer in most cases will be: Advertising and promotion. That’s all. Thereby ignoring that marketing is much broader than only those two items.

Therefore, in my program, also these other disciplines form a part of the training as lecturers as well, and they explain what their experiences are with the marketing department. During such a session these lecturers too, in their turn, learn about the marketing problems.

Only in such a way a Holistic Company Concept can be achieved.

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